How to Drop a POAP During an Audio Event

Best practices for live podcasts, Twitter spaces, Discord calls, and more.

How to Drop a POAP During an Audio Event
Best practices for live podcasts, Twitter spaces, Discord calls, and more.

What is POAP? (And what is a POAP Secret?)

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is a public good with the mission of preserving the collective memories of humans and providing true ownership of these experiences by minting them as digital collectibles (or POAPs). POAPs allow for stronger, deeper, and more dynamic connections in ways not previously possible.

POAPs should celebrate important moments. Whether it’s a milestone, welcoming a special guest, or any number of other community events, audio events can certainly be something worth commemorating!

There are many methods for distributing a POAP. For audio events (like Twitter Spaces, Discord Events, Live Podcasts etc), the most efficient and secure method is to use the Secret method. This is where the host will speak a Secret word or phrase, which can be typed into the POAP app for them to instantly collect the POAP!

CREATE: Set up your POAP and Secret

All you need to create your POAP drop is an image, title, and description. If you are commemorating an in-person event that coincides with your Audio Event, create separate POAPs for each.

Once you’ve customized your drop, setting up the Secret requires a few more simple steps. For a brief breakdown of each step, check out the POAP Help Center article, “How do I set up a POAP Secret?” At this stage, you should also know the estimated number of POAPs you intend to distribute.

DROP: Securely distribute your POAP

As a POAP issuer, it’s your job to protect the integrity of the protocol by distributing your POAP responsibly and ensuring only those who actually, and actively, listen to your Audio Event receive it. Choose a Secret that is difficult to guess, and only say the word or phrase aloud (don’t type it) at the specified point during your event.

A key component of secure POAP distribution via a Secret is a short window of time when the Secret is live (~15 minutes or less). Because time can be tight, instruct your listeners to download the POAP app ahead of time in order to avoid them missing their chance to mint the POAP.

Additionally, try to avoid pre-announcing the POAP to boost attendance as it may harm the integrity of your drops.  If many who mint your POAP only attended because they want a POAP, your POAP isn’t a representative sample of engaged community members. The best POAPs are the ones nobody sees coming and are icing on the cake for attendees.

For more information on secure POAP distribution, read the Issuer Guidelines created by the POAP Curation Body.

CONNECT: Engage and reward your community

POAPs provide your community with a precious collectible that they will be delighted to receive. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there – and it shouldn’t!

With more than 200 live integrations building on top of POAP, there are countless ways you can continue to provide utility to your POAP holders. Securely distributing a POAP during your Audio Event need only be the beginning, not the end, of you and your community’s POAP journey.