Why Influencers and Creators Love POAP

A new technology to flaunt your style and grow your audience.

Why Influencers and Creators Love POAP

Empowering creative expression

The Proof of Attendance Protocol allows people to preserve their memories and collective experiences by minting them as digital collectibles (or POAPs).

If you are an influencer or content creator, POAP gives you an opportunity to reward your community while showcasing your personality and flare. You create the art, you write the copy, and you have fun with it - it's your story!

Cool POAP designs get lots of social engagement in the short term; in the long term, whenever someone browses a POAP collection that contains your POAPs, it will catch their eye, and, click, they have discovered you, your brand, and your community.

To conceptualize the value of POAPs, it's useful to consider the past. Think back to a favorite concert, a wedding with long-lost friends, a legendary meal, an incredible comeback win by your favorite team, or making a donation to an important cause. Now, don’t you wish you had proof that you were present, or you contributed, to these moments? And don’t you wish that proof came in the form of an awesome piece of art that also allowed you to recall everyone who shared that moment with you? Of course you do!

Meaningful moments and lasting connections

POAPs make everyday moments special and elevate special moments into something you will truly remember forever. Memorable, collective moments are what create lasting connections that tie communities together. They build community and make people stick around, or even become evangelists that will sing your praises and draw in others, now full of FOMO.

Content creators and influencers can also use the power of POAPs to reward their most active followers by dropping them for key contributors and those present during important milestones or events. The potential to earn a POAP can turn a passive follower into an active one. You can then perpetually use past POAPs to identify early adopters and reward them with access to special merchandise, gated communication channels, and an ever-growing list of other third-party apps building utility on top of POAP.

Influencer success stories

  1. Steve Aoki, the world-renowned DJ dropped a POAP on numerous occasions for fans attending shows and special events, and celebrated collectors with a fun quest in the metaverse.
  2. Gmoney, the high-profile crypto trendsetter gave out POAPs all year in 2021, and then later gave those collectors free entry into his Admit One project.
  3. Paris Hilton, the famous fashionista awarded a POAP to the early adopters of her Paris World Discord channel, with plans to later give fans access to exclusive garb.
  4. Ryan Carson, the prominent crypto trailblazer gives out POAPs during his daily Twitter Spaces to earmark his most loyal followers, while rumors circulate that he has big plans to celebrate these collectors over time.
  5. Richie Hawtin, the techno music OG distributed POAPs at many of his concerts and plans to give collectors access to unique merchandise in the future.

Celebrate your fans

POAP gives you an easy and fun way to celebrate your fans, while also helping to grow your overall brand. The more memorable moments you create for them, the more they are going to talk about you, creating a virtuous cycle for all parties.

If you want to learn how you can create your first POAP, head over to our getting started guide.