Connect the Drops with POAP Collections

Permissionlessly curate groups of POAP Drops with our latest tool

Connect the Drops with POAP Collections

In our continued efforts to serve humanity and serve collectors, today we announce our newest app: POAP Collections.

You found POAP. Now what? Create a Collection!

Create your Collection

Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can create a Collection of POAP Drops, even if you’ve never minted a single POAP – though, if you have that problem, you should fix it soon. Simply navigate to, connect your wallet, click the New Collection button, and start adding Drops:

Maybe you hosted a big event and your Collection has a lot of Drops; click “Add multiple Drops by ID” to quickly add them in bulk.

Personalize your Collection

Include a title, date, and description to let people know what connects this group of POAP Drops, and how this Collection fits into the broader narrative of human history told by the millions of POAPs minted to date. Upload a nice cover photo to make it pop:

Organize your Collection

Collectors tend to like keeping things in order. With that in mind, we added what we call a “Series” for more filtering and sorting capabilities within each Collection.

Say you hosted a birthday bash for the past four years and gave out a POAP to attendees. At your parties, people also dropped "You Met Me" POAPs and collected POAPs for participating in side events like karaoke and taking a swing at the piñata. As subsets of your Birthday Bash Collection, you can create a Series for the "You Met Me" POAPs and a Series of all the incredible side events over the years.

Similarly, large entities that use POAP across the org can create a Collection showcasing the variety of Drops, neatly compartmentalized into Series for your team's browsing pleasure.

If you want to make changes, don’t fret; you can edit your Collection at any time.

View the Drops you (and others) collected

Creating Collections is fun, but there’s more. Type in any wallet address to learn which Drops that wallet owns (indicated by the diamond in the upper-right corner):

Think of a stamp book organized by floral stamps, or city stamps, or stamps from specific years – but with the ability to magically tap the page and discover who else collected those stamps.

Or just make a Collection of your 50 favorite POAPs to see which collectors have the most!

We're just getting started

There’s lots to play with on this initial release, but it's only the beginning. Some updates we’re most excited about include deeper integration across our apps, simplified browsing and discoverability of other Collections, and cool features like leaderboards and Verified Collections.

We’ve also recently begun rolling out artist attribution and artist Collections as part of a larger initiative to attach richer metadata to your POAPs. So dive in and test the waters – soon there will be an ocean to explore.