Eight Unique POAP Distribution Methods

Printing static QR codes or manually DMing mint links is so 2021.

Eight Unique POAP Distribution Methods

Getting POAPs into the right hands can sometimes be the trickiest part of planning your drop. When done right, it can also be the most rewarding. For collectors, clever distribution amplifies the delight of minting a POAP; for first-time collectors, it just might be that moment when everything “clicks” as they realize the fun and excitement of POAP!

So how do you get there? For small drops among people you know well, texting a unique mint link to each person might be perfectly secure and not too time-intensive. However, as your drop size grows, more streamlined methods become necessary.

Maybe a new and unfamiliar distribution method seems daunting. Fear not. There are a variety of options that, while they look complex and slick to collectors, are remarkably simple to set up. The breakdown below highlights some of our favorites. Try them once and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Reminder that the first step before figuring out distribution is always to create your drop.

Method #1: POAP Kiosk

Best use: In-person events.

Pros: Smooth experience for collectors.

Cons: Requires internet access.

A POAP Kiosk can be used to distribute POAPs in a secure manner during online live streams or at in-person events. Each time the QR code is scanned, a POAP Kiosk automatically replaces it with a new one. This makes it impossible for anyone to take a screenshot of the image to share online or with others not actually in attendance.

For in-person events, you can display the POAP Kiosk on a device at check-in, on an individual phone, project it on a screen or wall, or some combination of these methods. It can run simultaneously on multiple devices. For online livestreams, you can simply share your screen and allow attendees around the world to mint simultaneously.

Example: Pat hosts a launch party for a gallery show. He sets up a tablet at the door to display the POAP Kiosk, and also uses a laptop to project the POAP Kiosk on a wall during the show.

Method #2: IYK Devices and Embedded NFC Chips

Best use: Physical Cards, clothing, and/or merchandise.

Pros: Blending the physical and digital world into one experience.

Cons: Requires collectors to physically tap their phone on the device.

By building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, IYK aims to unlock entirely new experiences that combine the tangible joy of physical items with the unique benefits of digital.

This bridge can come in the form of physical devices that will distribute a POAP to anyone who taps their phone to it. The same NFC chip technology can be used to distribute POAPs via patches embroidered in clothing, or embedded in custom business cards or merchandise – use your imagination!

Example: Isabel purchases an NFC-enabled POAP business card and brings it to a networking event. When she meets a new contact, she has them tap their phone to the business card to mint a “You Met Isabel” POAP, in the process creating an easily referenced Web3 rolodex.

Method #3: Secret Word

Best use: Twitter Spaces or audio events

Pros: Collectors can listen to your live event and mint the POAP from anywhere in the world.

Cons: Requires collectors to have the POAP mobile app installed on their phone.

A secret word is just that; a secret word that POAP issuers pass on to collectors that, when input in the POAP app, allows collectors to mint a POAP. The word must be safeguarded at all costs; anyone who knows it can mint your POAP.

Example: Sam hosts a Twitter Space. At the end of the call, he instructs listeners to open their POAP app and input the phrase “boompowfun” to mint their POAP – reminding everyone to not share the word with anyone!

Method #4: POAP Delivery

Best use: Airdropping POAPs to Ethereum addresses.

Pros: Very secure; the issuer dictates which addresses are eligible.

Cons: Requires issuer to query the Ethereum blockchain to retrieve address list.

A POAP Delivery allows an issuer to create an allowlist of eligible wallet addresses who can mint a specific POAP. Once the Delivery is created, collectors can visit the specific URL via POAP.delivery and input their wallet address to mint their POAP. If someone inputs a wallet address not on the list, they will not be able to mint.

Example: Fio requests crypto donations to help fund her nonprofit initiative. At the end of the fundraising, she gathers the wallet addresses that donated and sets up a POAP Delivery so she can gift those wallets a “proof of donation” POAP.

Method #5: Airdrop POAPs at Event Check-In

Best use: Token-gated events.

Pros: Collectors automatically receive your POAP when their ticket is scanned at check-in.

Cons: Requires issuer to set up their event using the Tokenproof application.

Token-gate your ticketed event (AKA only provide entrance to people who hold certain NFTs or POAPs) with Tokenproof. The ticket will come in the form of a QR code on the Tokenproof app. When that QR code ticket is scanned at check-in, you can automatically airdrop a POAP to the attendee.

Example: Anthony premieres his new puppet show at a local theater. When attendees scan their ticket to enter, they are pleasantly surprised to receive a POAP, which immediately puts them in a fantastic mood. The puppet show receives rave reviews.

Method #6: POAP Checkout

Best use: Virtual events and fundraisers.

Pros: Allows collectors to buy the POAP for a shared cause.

Cons: Requires collectors to already have a Web3 wallet with funds.

Require users to pay a small fee in order to mint your POAP with POAP Checkout. Utilizing this method helps ensure that only those who are genuinely eligible for your POAP can mint it, as those who are willing to pay are more likely to have genuinely participated in the event being commemorated. Additionally, POAP Checkout can serve as a supplementary source of income for the issuer, supporting non-profits or fundraisers as well.

To use POAP Checkout, first set up your drop as you normally would, and then simply go to checkout.poap.xyz and follow the instructions.

Example: Mentor started a podcast, and provided listeners with a link where they could purchase a “podcast supporter” POAP.

Method #7: Augmented Reality (AR) Distribution

Best use: In-person events.

Pros: Create unique digital experiences that augment the physical world.

Cons: No high-quality commoditized AR glasses yet exist.

Of course, you can drop POAPs in the metaverse, or in the real world. But how about combining the two? With technology such as the OVER app, users can look through their phone to see a digital layer overlaid with the physical; part of this digital layer can be an AR POAP Dispenser that will mint a POAP when it is digitally “tapped.”

Augmented reality distribution is a great option if your collectors are fans of Pokemon Go or other augmented reality games. Minting a POAP in a similar fashion is a guaranteed way to elicit a moment of pure delight.

Example: Carlos has a booth at a conference. When attendees approach the booth, he invites them to test out some AR glasses; they are fascinated when a virtual POAP dispenser appears.

Method #8: POAP Website

Best use: Small in-person events with people you know.

Pros: Simple setup and distribution, especially when the Website is represented as a QR code.

Cons: Not secure if the Website URL is shared with someone not attending the event.

A “classic” POAP distribution method; create a website that anyone can visit, input their wallet or email address, and mint their POAP. It is common for issuers to print a QR code that directs to this website, allowing collectors to scan it with their phone to mint their POAP.

Be careful! If the URL to your website, or a picture of the QR code is leaked, you may soon find all your POAPs minted by people who did not actually attend your event.

Example: Erika’s basketball team won the league championship. At the pizza party to celebrate, she printed a QR code and taped it to the wall (right above the pizza so all would notice) that anyone could scan with their phone to mint a POAP commemorating sweet, sweet victory.


Now that you’ve got a few more tricks up your sleeve, time to put them to use and drop some POAPs!

Remember that the list above is not comprehensive; there are a variety of other clever distribution methods out there and new ones popping up all the time.